Firefighters' Better Halves

Are you the Wife or Girlfriend of a Firefighter?
Are you feeling disconnected from your partner?
Or are even on the verge of a break up?
Are you looking to overcome an infidelity?
Or are you trying take a good relationship and make it Great?

I invested 18 years of my life in the fire service before starting my life as a Relationship Coach.  If you are looking for help with your relationship from someone who actually understands the unique challenges that firefighter families experience AND has formal training to help you — then you are in the right place.

My programs are designed to:

  • PREVENT you and your family from experiencing the emotional and financial devastation of divorce
  • Give you to access to the help you are looking for from the comfort and privacy of your home
  • Reignite the LOVE and PASSION that has faded or feels gone
  • Offer multiple avenues for you and your partner to get the help you need; I offer one-2-one coaching, web based programs, group coaching, and live events
  • Build or ReBuild TRUST by helping you create a compelling vision for your relationship
  • Understand each other’s fundamental emotional or human needs
  • END the fighting & isolation and get you realigned & working as a TEAM again!
  • Spare you the time and $ what took us over a decade and nearly a $100k to learn

I will share with you everything my wife and I learned and applied to save our marriage and turn it back into what we always knew it was meant be, full of Love, understanding, forgiveness, and Yes, PASSION (even after ten years!!) I will show you the shortcuts to help you along your journey to your GREAT relationship.

Imagine, if you would, how it would feel to have peace in your relationship, to have a better understanding of your spouse and to realize once again the PASSION in your marriage.

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